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Wine with friends in Moldova, October 4-16, 2006

Anenii Noi, a town in the countryside

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One of my friends, Natasha, invited me, erte and another friend, Nadja, to spend a couple of days in her small town, Anenii Noi. She lived there in a typical countryside house with her parents. The food she prepared using vegetables directly from their garden, fresh goat milk and other local produce was amazing. It seemed that we were eating almost all the time, but a peek in the cellar assured us that we wouldn't be making a too big hole in their stocks for the winter.

We also went for a small cycling trip in the surroundings, and on the way back got an introduction to bike repair in Moldovan style. We got a flat tyre in one of the bikes and noticed that the valve was faulty. New tubes didn't seem to be available in the stores: the local way was to find a "vulcanizare" shop and have the old one fixed there. They cut out the old valve and made two attempts to glue in a new one while erte was gently fixing the rim to prevent new punctures. The second attempt almost worked, we installed the tube inside the tyre, pumped in some air, pumped a bit more — and had a flat tyre again. Oh well, maybe a picnic nearby with more wine would be a better idea... :-)

Valuable information at the bus station (in Chisinau).
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A delicious lunch at Natasha's home.
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Wine from the barrel, the pride of every house.
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Casamari, the best room, reserved for the guests.
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Grapes decorating a pillar of the veranda.
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Cute cups.
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A lake nearby.
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A cycling trip with friends.
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The famous Moldovan wine.
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Bike repair Moldovan style.
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Pages: 1 - Chisinau | 2 - Orheiul Vechi | 3 - Anenii Noi

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