Kenrokuen garden

Kenrokuen garden (兼六園) is a park at the heart of the Kanazawa and probably the most famous place in the city. It is on a hill which rises above the rest of the city, but gets water without pumps from distant mountains via an ancient waterway built almost 400 years ago. According to the locals the place is especially nice during winter and naturally in the spring at the cherry blossom time.

I will be able to see all four seasons in Kenrokuen so I decided to dedicate a separate page for it.
Kasumiga ike Kazumiga ike (Misty pond).
fountain_night.jpg Water fountain, operated by natural water pressure of the waterway coming from the mountains. Picture taken on an October night when Kenrokuen was open until late, normally it is closed in the evening.
fukujin_night.jpg A view towards the Hill of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune.
hanami_bashi_night.jpg Hanami Bashi, Flower viewing bridge. No flowers on an October night, but another kind of subtle beauty.
leaves_night.jpg Leaves turning yellow in the autumn, emphasized by lighting which makes pines look yellow too.

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