Ski trip to Hakusan Ichirino Onsen 14-15.02.2003

On the second weekend of February the International Student Center organized a ski trip to Hakusan Ichirino Onsen (白山一里野温泉) ski resort. Departure was Friday afternoon and in the evening we went to see Bunya Ningyou Joruri (文弥人形浄瑠璃), a traditional puppet play in Higashi-Futakuchi area, Oguchi village. Actually we saw only two first scenes of a play, the full length one would have been over four hours long. The songs were in original 300 year old language, which differs a great deal from current Japanese: even natives have trouble understanding it. Saturday was reserved for skiing, for quite a few people it was actually the first time on skis.

The hotel had a small hot bath but unfortunately we didn't have time to go to the actual hot spring center. Hint: How about returning two hours later next year, to leave some time to relax there after skiing? But weather was perfect, skiing great, and of course good company around all the time. :-)

Dinner at the Iwama-san-so (岩間山荘) lodge.
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The history of the puppet play: 300 years compressed in 5 minutes.
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One scene: General Mankou meets a beautiful lady.
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After the play we got a chance to try out the puppets ourselves.
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Rouli, Smita, Pallavi and the snake puppet.
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More puppets hanging from the rack.
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Paper lanterns at the theatre.
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Group travel => group photos - cannot avoid that. :-)
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Hit or miss?
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Ski slopes by night.
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Oh dear, only a small towel this time...
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I always like these cat figures (lucky charm to bring more customers).
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Ready to go skiing.
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Overview from the top. Lubi, Danielle and our teacher still climbing up.
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The best (steepest) slopes were not at all crowded.
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The valley and mountains behind it.
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